Tenant Representation

Whether you are considering entry in a new market, expanding in an established one, or planning a new store location; our professionals match each tenant’s business objectives with the optimal property solution.

Our Services include:
a) Strategic Planning: We evaluate and identify socioeconomic and demographic data; transport and accessibility; pedestrian flow; tourist counts, existing distribution networks; store size factor in sales productivity; gross occupancy cost analysis; and urban and suburban expansion considerations, among other factors.
b) Site Selection & Acquisition: Potential locations are thoroughly evaluated and ranked according to strategy and planning phase benchmarks.
c) Site Disposition: Our TR team will be responsible for the entire flow of events from presenting a preliminary list of properties till the signing of the agreement at the desired location. This will include services like detailed presentation on the available options, conducting and organising site visits for the shortlisted ones, initiation of landlord negotiations, property comparison amongst desired options, document preparation and distribution, offer solicitation and review, and contract negotiation and execution.

The three most important factors in choosing the correct office/store outlet are location, location, location.

  • Location for clients: Clients can be influenced by the smallest factors, from a company’s proximity to another frequent destination to a building’s frustrating parking arrangement. Our TR Team will help you cover all these aspects.
  • Location of resources: Manufacturing and distribution companies are especially concerned with proximity to vendors, suppliers and arterial roads. But all businesses must take into account how ancillary services such as printing and legal can be accessed from a potential location.
  • Location of employees: Location can be a major factor to attract and retain your greatest business assets—your people. Proximity to public transportation and daycare, amenities such as car/bike parking and workout/gymnasium facilities, and lifestyle amenities such as green spaces and entertainment venues all contribute to your employer brand.

Our experts can create mapping scenarios to calculate the change in commute times for your employees as a result of a move.

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